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We are normal people changing lives through our own.

We are a movement of conscious life forms wishing to collectively recognize and implement a superior way of life through symbiotic coexistence and lay a philosophical foundation upon which to build a sustainable, peaceful, and empowering future for each and all of us.

The Symbiosis Institute was conceptualized and founded by Gustavo Serrano and Nikki Frick in Denver, Colorado, May of 2016.


The Helping Hand

Our logo contains many important meanings which we hope will bring value to the lives of those who interact with it.

The Helping Hand

Our logo portrays two simplified human hands interlocking. One is reaching from above to assist that which is below.


Mystical Duality

Like yin and yang, our logo attempts to convey the concept of complementary duality--two opposite forms which fit perfectly together. This is an ancient symbol of meaning, and is central staple to eastern philosophy, spirituality, hermeticism, alchemy, magick, and even many forms of modern science.


Cosmic Transference

The cosmos describe a series of interlocking universes existing on a spectrum of scale. On a regular basis, higher forms will interact with lower forms, whether it is humans letting a fly outside, institutions providing for individuals, or masters teaching students. We embrace this cosmic transfer as a necessary aspect of our reality which can be understood and optimized through symbiotic understanding.

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