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Symbiosis is about creating the best experience for all of us.

What if a major piece of the philosophical foundation of modern Western society were flawed?

What is Natural Selection?

According to Charles Darwin and the world’s scientific community for nearly 150 years, Natural Selection is the process by which life evolves. There is a wide breadth of nuances and implications which have been experimentally confirmed relating to natural selection, but not everyone may be aware of them. When most people think of Natural Selection, they probably think of Survival of the Fittest. This usually implies the bigger, stronger and more competitive life forms succeeding. But what if this paradigm has sold Darwin’s ideas short? What if there was another half to the story that was actually superior, and could change every aspect of life if properly applied?


Another concept which many aspiring zoologists may be familiar with is that of the Apex Predator--a life form which claims the top of the food chain by its immense ability to prey on others. While it’s true that predation is a highly effective form of survival, it is not the only type--and too much of it can lead to imbalance in ecosystems, crumbling diversity, and in turn, even destroying the predator’s livelihood.


So what are we, then? Human beings are without a doubt the most successful predator on the planet, finding ways to optimize the consumption of nearly every type of life form and resource. We have become so good at exploiting our environment, that many even consider us to be parasites. But, with the intellect of the brain and morals of the conscience, we are not destined to carelessly exploit those around us forever. We can choose--it’s simply a matter of education.


We didn’t invent symbiosis--according to many scientific observations, Symbiosis has likely been around as long as life itself.


Symbiosis is a type of relationship between life forms--ecosystems, species, and individuals--based not in competitive survival, but in cooperative survival.


As a biological phenomenon, it implies creatures working together to enhance each other's lives in supportive, complimentary ways.


As a philosophy, we believe it is the future of life on earth.

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